Problems with Current Banking Scenario

Physical Branches

  • Requires high level of capital investment
  • High operational costs
  • Manpower intensive
  • Limitations on handling customer volumes
  • Not economically feasible for remote locations


  • Investment in ATM Machines
  • Limitation on the banking operations offered
  • Not economical for remote locations

Mobile Banking & Internet Banking

  • Low on investment
  • Limitation on the banking operations offered
  • Requires internet connectivity for operations - hence not feasible for rural areas

About Bank-Genie ™

  • Bank-Genie is a re-imagined Branchless Banking solution.
  • It increases penetration of basic banking services (savings accounts, deposits, withdraws, balance check) and other financial services (insurance, loans, credit cards).
  • The solution is based on a teller assisted modal wherein a micro banking application on a Mobile Handheld Terminal/Tablet/ Mobile phone is used by a teller to facilitate cash deposits, withdrawals and other/branch banking transactions.
  • The solution is cost-effective and enables 100% of branch operations on the move driven by the product's strong interfacing using both ISO and SOAP, REST protocols.
  • Bank-Genie has pre-built interfaces to the leading core banking system which makes implementation easier and faster.
  • The product is comparatively light and hence accessible even on a 2G network.
  • We are a very flexible and scalable system using modular architecture.

Bank-Genie™ can enable Banks to

Open branches
without brick and motor

Providing service
at customer door step

Helps bank in expanding
their foot print

Key Features

Card Acceptance

Accepts Magnetic and EMV Cards


Authorization of customer using Biometrics

Low Bandwidth

Even works with 2G network.

Geo Tagging

Live Tracking of users and transactions locations


Easy integration with leading core banking systems


Easily customizable with parameter settings.

Key Functionalities

100% of Retail transaction

Account Opening

Loan Origination

Request Management

Agency Management


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