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    helps Banks in
    Smarter Way to Queue

    WORLDS No.1 “NO Queue”
    Management Solution

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    helps Banks to
    Eliminate paper inside branches

    Manage branches Paperless

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    helps Banks to
    Pre-Book Customer appointments

    Increase efficiency and productivity of Teller

Current Banking Scenario

Long queues in branch lobby

Longer customer wait time

High volume of cash transactions

Sub-par customer service

Extremes stress on branch tellers which reduces their productivity

Discontent customers

Genie - Teller

Genie - Teller enables customers to have the luxury of conducting transactions in the branch with little or no assistance. With the evolution of consumer banking rapidly progressing, consumers not only appreciate, but expect a seamless user experience. The solution provides your customers with an independent and positive user experience for many transactions including

Genie-Teller can enable banks to

Reduce queue
in Branches

Increase the Efficiency
of the Branch operation

Make Paperless
Branch Environment

Provide Customer Time
Convenient Banking

Key Features

Pre-book your transaction(Virtual Queuing)

Queue Updates though SMS and Push Notification

Book Appointment with CSA, Branch Managers

Request Collections

Key Functionalities

Eliminates queue in the banking halls

Faster Customer servicing

Increases the efficiency of
the teller

Helps in cash Management

Reduces Transaction Cost

Provides performance

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