About Us

Bank-Genie is a FinTech company based out of Singapore focussed on providing innovative technology solutions to democratise financial services and simplify banking operations. Bank-Genie's vision is to simplify rudimentary branch banking using technological innovation. The Company’s flagship product is a mobile native software, that enables banks and financial institutions to create virtual retail branches. The product enables banks & financial institutions to offer all the services of a brick and mortar branch, any time, at any location, using a simple mobile device.

Our Journey

  • Present
  • Started in 2014

  • Bank-Genie Ideation

    Sep – 2014
  • Product Development

    Sept – 2014 to Feb - 2016
  • Commercial Product launch

  • Signed up First Customer

    May - 2016
  • Genie-Teller ideation and Development.

    June -2016
  • Genie-Teller Commercial Product Launch

    Sept - 2016
  • Signed up First customer

    Nov – 2016
  • Genie- X – under ideation and development

    April - 2017
  • Unrevealing Genie – X

    Sept - 2017